About Alberto

What have I just gotten myself into?


You’ve stumbled upon my little slice of the internet. My name is Alberto Lima a freelance blogger and photographer based out of New York City. My primary fields of expertise are consumer technology, product reviews, social media management, and a really big Hip-Hop snob.

Currently, I’m the founder and host of a consumer-centric technology podcast called The Noisecast, a freelance writer at G Style Magazine, and social media consultant for hire.

Previously, my work has been published on The Phoblographer, DigitalTrends, Adorama Learning Center, and was the managing editor at SmallCameraBigPicture.com.

If you’re interested in working together – currently accepting writing and product photography jobs – drop me a line. Or follow me on Instagram or Twitter. Let’s Build!

5 thoughts on “About Alberto

  1. hlkillcoyne

    …I suspect that it didn’t, so here’s take two:

    Hi Alberto!

    You and I have some overlaps in the Venn Diagram of Life: editorial types who are into mirrorless cameras. (I have the Fuji X-T1.)

    So this site is yet another social-media platform of which I am unaware? I don’t think I can handle another one, although I do like that words and pix comfortably co-mingle.

    Warning: I’m terrible at keeping in touch. (My friends are very forgiving.) That said, your profile and interests were too catchy not to write a few lines.

    All the best!


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