What have I just gotten myself into?

What have I just gotten myself into?


You’ve stumbled upon my little slice of the internet. My name is Alberto Lima a freelance blogger and photographer based out of New York City. My primary fields of expertise are consumer technology, gadget reviews – with a heavy concentration on mirror-less camera systems, social media management, and a really big Hip-Hop snob.

I’m the former managing editor at Small Camera Big Picture and The Noisecast. I’ve been very proud to have been a contributor at Philanthroper.com, a site dedicated to showcasing great non-profits and harnessing the power of social media to urge readers to “Give a buck” and help make a dent in the universe.

These days you can find me in the streets of New York capturing life with my NX-mount cameras as a part of Samsung’s Imagelogger program (more info on that here).

So sit back, relax, and let’s build.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. hlkillcoyne

    …I suspect that it didn’t, so here’s take two:

    Hi Alberto!

    You and I have some overlaps in the Venn Diagram of Life: editorial types who are into mirrorless cameras. (I have the Fuji X-T1.)

    So this site is yet another social-media platform of which I am unaware? I don’t think I can handle another one, although I do like that words and pix comfortably co-mingle.

    Warning: I’m terrible at keeping in touch. (My friends are very forgiving.) That said, your profile and interests were too catchy not to write a few lines.

    All the best!


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