A Love Letter to the FujiFilm X-Pro 3


I’m not overly precious about the gear I use. I use what I like and use what I need; in other words, if it gets the job done I’m not opposed to giving it a shot. Sometimes that’s a Sony a7R II and sometimes it’s my (now busted) Zenza Bronica ETR-S shooting 120 film. At the start of the pandemic I got the opportunity to review the (at the time) recently available Fujifilm X-Pro 3 and then everything shut.

My most recent review for G Style Magazine acts as a love letter of sorts to the FujiFilm X-Pro 3 and how it helped me cope through what was a difficult time for everyone. Take a minute to check it out and let me know what you think:


Though the the flip-down screen may seem like an odd choice – especially as an entire generation of photographers have come to expect that a real-time preview of your last shot is a given – it truly allowed me to get lost in the moment. A feeling that I’ve been able to tap into on the street, one that I found especially difficult to do after slogging away on video calls all day. I hate to sound twee about it, but it felt like the way photography is supposed to feel – a connection to a specific point in time where you’re able to truly “see” a photograph as it is being made. My subjects weren’t “special” in any way – food, my dining room table, my plants – but by focusing on the light and not on the distractions of a display, I was able to find my zen and enjoy the process of making photographs again. 

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