Who you lookin' at? Oh, well then; carry on.

Who you lookin’ at? Oh, well then; carry on. Pictured above: Me, Alberto Lima.

I’ve been on the fence about starting another personal blog but to be quite honest I can’t keep from writing.

Over the last couple years I’ve found myself working along some really dope and talented folks – from some great non-profits during my stint at Philanthroper.com to the amazing Imagelogger team. It’s been a blessing to create some great content across various fields and disciplines.

Getting some formalities out of the way: I am a writer for hire and have begun getting my feet wet as a photographer. If you’re interested working together feel free to hit the About page or email me via the link below.


Mostly my opinions on the world of tech and beyond.  You’ll also be taking a peek into my personal photography notebook – an inside look at how being an Imagelogger has changed my approach as a photographer.

So let’s build and see where this goes.