Breaking up is hard to do


One of the most important feature on any camera for 99% (pardon the hyperbole) is familiarity. Knowing where everything is. Knowing how everything works. Knowing how your gear reacts in various conditions is absolutely crucial for making great photographs. I’ve been shooting with Samsung cameras exclusively for over 2 years and I knew my cameras down to their most obscure detail. As you’ve guessed from the title to this post and my constant use of the past tense, I will no longer be shooting with Samsung cameras – and it’s not by choice.

A photo posted by A. Lima (@enos1) on Jan 29, 2016 at 12:04pm PST


At the end of 2015, there were many rumors swirling as to whether or not Samsung was exiting the camera business in 2016; though no official plans for the camera division has ever been made, it’s safe to say that Samsung is currently focused on their virtual reality business. That’s too bad because I still love shooting with my Samsung NX1 and NX500 and their previously flawless connectivity with Android devices. The cameras felt familiar in my hand and most importantly that familiarity allowed me work and be in the moment instead of looking away from my subject to check settings.

AlbertoLima-NX500-NX 30mm F2-September 09, 2015-5

A lot of my photography is about capturing “the decisive moment,” or in non-photo geek terms, that special moment of serendipity that makes the photograph. I live for capturing candid, quiet moments among the hustle and energy of the city around me; the more time I spend looking at the camera in my hands the less I’m focusing on what’s important. This has been my primary reason for not switching camera systems regularly but as support for my cameras begins to wind down, I’m forced to try new systems and new things – I’m ready for it.